What sustainability measures does JMB24 implement?

We’re doubling down on our commitment to sustainability at JMB24! 🌍 Join us as we take even bigger steps to reduce our environmental impact and create a more eco-conscious event.

🌱 All food and drink vendors are committed to using compostable packaging, minimising single-use plastic and waste. We’re also reducing food packaging and cutlery by serving in napkins and keeping utensils/straws behind the counters where possible.

🌍 Through collaboration with our waste management partner, we’re proud to divert 100% of waste from landfill, significantly reducing our environmental impact.

💡 We’re pleased to announce that the event will be powered entirely by renewable energy sources, including electricity generated from on-site renewables. Additionally, we’ll be using energy-efficient LED lighting to minimise electricity consumption.

🥗 Over 70% of our food offerings are vegetarian or vegan, reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable eating habits. We’re also using seasonal and fair-trade produce and sourcing as much as possible from local suppliers to reduce travel emissions.

🔄 Sharing resources with other May Week events and maximising reuse ensures that we’re making the most of what we have while minimising unnecessary consumption.

🌳 With a focus on reducing paper waste, we’re minimising the use of print media and embracing digital communication wherever possible. Plus, we’re using environmentally friendly products to maintain cleanliness.

But we can’t do it alone! We kindly request our guests to join us in our sustainability efforts by:

👗 Choosing sustainably sourced attire for the ball, supporting ethical fashion and reducing our environmental impact.

🚲 Opting for eco-friendly transportation methods, reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion.

♻️ Reusing cups throughout the event whenever feasible, cutting down on waste.

🌍 Being mindful of waste generation during the event and only taking what you can consume, helping us create a more sustainable and enjoyable experience for all.